I have not posted anything in a very long time. Just hold on, I will, in the next few weeks add:

2011 recap

goals for 2012

product reviews from 2011

and then continue with new training format for the 2012 season.

this will be fun, later…


Well the Tallboy is not going to happen. Too expensive for all the endeavors that I am engaged in. So a different option, I decide to get a used MTB like the first real good bike I ever had. My 2008 Trek Fuel EX8 was my favorite MTB so far, I loved it. I had so many adventures and it served me well. I really want a 29er I believe it would be a much better bike for me, but can’t really find one for sale that meets my needs in my budget. Well I searched Ebay for a used Fuel eEX and found 2 in good condition. Then I was like what the heck search one more time for a lower model of a Specialized Epic 29er(the comp version). Low and behold there were 2, one upgraded and out of my price range. The other only had upgraded wheels and was right in the ball park of my budget. Now fingers crossed I watched this auction patiently for the next 3 days, gripped with excitement, and fingers quivering to deliver my death blowpunch of a bid. I played my tiny budget of a card the best I could, I was getting very close in the last few minutes of being bid over my budget. But I am a cunning master at Ebay and sealed the deal with 5 seconds to go. I won a beautiful 2010 Epic 29er, one of the most popular mountain bikes of the year. Part of this bike being so difficult to find used is because of its demand. Specialized stayed sold out, and it’s such a good bike nobody want to part with there’s. So here I am waiting for the re-begining of my mountain biking adventures. Stayed tune…


Well hopefully the new mountain bike will be here soon. To narrow down some of the focus of this blog, and reduce some of the complexity of the training log. I will just focus more around the mountain biking including: training, equipment reviews, trails & trail reviews, adventures, and the few “epic” mountain bike race I will be doing. I will also give brief occasional road racing updates.   Here is a pic of this mythical bad boy, coming soon to yours truly…


I will try to get it all caught up today, I have had somethings come up, and I have slacked a little. Now I am back on track since the first of this month, I have ridden everyday so far, and this is the month to build the best physique that I can, then I just polish it off and build the top end for racing. Essentially this is the last month to build the biggest strongest foundation I can.

power day…

Had a really fun ride, got to feel some speed. Main objective was jumps:

5 set of 5 jumps with 1 min rest after each jump, 5 min rest between sets. Each jump was 18 pedal strucks every jump peak at over 1100watts, and a few hitting 1400’s, I did 25 of these and still felt like I could have done plenty more, I mean maybe 25 more. I also tried one 1 min power interval, I did not last the whole minute, but damn it was fun, fast. The road I did the 1 min on is mildly rolling terrain, no big down hills. What made this so much fun and I could not believe, is I was so caught up in holding the effort. That I did not realize how fast I was going, shit I looked down at the speed 38mph! Now what did I do, I pushed like hell on the pedals, BAM! 42.8mph across flat,,,, “and thats how it’s done”. Can you believe that a bicycle, of course I may have had a tailwind, but who cares still it was 42mph on a bike powered by me.

Sum up: 56miles, 210watts,18.2 mph avg, 2378kj, 3hrs 8min

absolutly nothing. I hate it when I do this, I drink to much coffee,and then zone out. Spent nearly 7hrs doing nothing productive around the house, on a spectacular day in Jan. what an idiot. Well I did do the light day of the squat program.

Sq: 40/6, 60/6, 80/4. 92.5/2 for 6 sets

Tomorrow I will do better, outside all day.

WBL Alto ride…

Yesterday was the WBL Alto classic. 110 miles of brutal roads and freezing weather. Today I have to work and thank god for some rest. I feel very fatigued, very I am not sure if I am now getting sick. I feel warm and have a head ache, I hope it is just over whelming fatigue.

Well here is a brief recap of the days events. There were 3 attack zones. I knew I wanted to try out what would happen if I just put out steady effort like a time trial to catch a break. It was very interesting what happened, I tried to just push 300 watts and see what that would do against attacking riders. I tried this on the first zone starting with the triple stair climb, I was at the front and stretch the field out leading into the climb with a steady 300. At the 1/2 part of the first stair I got swarmed and past by 50 riders, I started to think this was a mistake, till I brought about 20-25 of them back at the top, and then motored away as I held my pace and their legs were toast. Now the lead group were just incredibly strong guys and they were gone, not coming back. They definitely were powering up the climb and still able to hold good power on the don hill and flats. Where as the others were blowing up every time 3/4 from the top of every climb, and coasting. Well by the time I got to the next stair I was by myself. I got caught at the 3/4 mark by about 15 riders this time, but by the time they caught me they had petered out. Then my 30 steady watts went to work across the top and flat, and the were left big time. By the third stair I was by myself and now catching some of the front strong groups waste products. now I was in no mans land I could see a group of 10+ guys, strong probably my level of rider. I was pushing thru the wind by myself, probably working way harder than the others, but I was at a pace I could sustain. Finally about 1 mile from the Alto city limit sign I caught the group and held. Them about 1000m 6 of us were pushing to the line 300m out one guys went for it. My legs were on fire, but I jumped on his wheel whiling to make it interesting. Well I did not do a very good job of situational awareness because as I started to go for it he put his hands up, we passed the line. Damn I did not see the real finish line. Crap, well this is all training experience for the real thing , I “wheel” not forget for the future. Ok first attack zone done, 50 miles into ride. That effort really hurt. Really, I am not sure if that is something I should do in the future but I did learn a lot from it. If it were a real race I am not sure that would be something to do that early in a race, I pair dearly for this action later. Maybe if I had more food, and ate a better breakfast, and stayed on top of my riding nutrition. Late in a race as a last-ditch effort to place it would be ok. I also think in a small multi rider break I could go this hard in a rotation and definitely last longer and we could stay away. Ok now back on the road after a pit stop, the group was really get’n it down the road. We got to the 2 attack zone crack back hill. This zone was I think around 70 mile mark, wasnt bad effort, but I was now not feeling very strong. I now was in survival mode, and still went hard on the climb, what an idiot. last rest stop, I only got one granola bar, gatorade and should had more. Well around the 90 mile mark I was feeling very sluggish and I was losing power fast, and the group was very erratic in pace and killing it on the climbs. I lost the back of the group. I was only off for a second and could not get back on. The sag truck tried to get me back on, but I let go to soon. I thought I could bridge it, but we were on the cusp of the downtown Commerce. They made it thru the first light into town and had a police escort, by the time I got there it was too late and now I had to stop at all the lights. I got dropped for good. Now by myself at a steady effort, getting to go at my pace I felt refreshed and my power came back. Hell after everything that had transpired, I ws now cruising at 20mph, by myself, and caught up to the gruppetto that had stop to pick up the stragglers, so now I just road in with them. This ends the day pretty much, hard effort, and I am paying for it today. Thank God its sunday routine, well until next time…

sum up: 110miles, 5hrs 55min, 19.3mph, 193 watts, 4118kj, 148 HR